• The two soft keys in red are for benching in laser.
  • The top one is for benching the left side as elevation.
  • The bottom one is for the right side elevation.
  • Only one side needs to be used. What ever side is at the elevation that is desired press that side.

  • The screen will appear as seen on bottom picture.
  • Both mast will extend and hit laser strike. Machine is ready to go to work

  1. F1 soft key
  2. F2 soft key
  3. F3 soft key
  4. F4 soft key vertical offset
  5. F5 soft key bench left
  6. F6 soft key bench right
  7. Menu button
  8. OK / Enter
  9. Tab key
  10. Escape Key
  1. Zoom in and out
  2. Power button
  3. Navigation keys
  4. Vertical offset value
  5. Pics that correspond with softkeys
  6. Laser line
  7. Machine blade
  8. Auto / Manual indicator
  9. USB port for Data.
  1. Press the Menu button.
  1. Use the directional keys (1) to navigate down and high light Calibrate Sensors.
  2. Then Press OK (2).
  1. Then use the directional keys (1) to high light “Linked EM400 Calibration”.
  2. Then Press “OK”(2).
  1. This screen will appear to calibrate mast press the F6 soft key.
  2. The mast will not move but will calibrate.
  1. The next screen will appear and will tell you to do three things.
  2. 1. Level laser.
    2. Level Blade.
    3. Then Press “OK” or F6 soft key.
  1. The mast will raise up. When the receivers reach the laser strike the will adjust and then the next screen will come up.
  2. The screen will display the offset and then press the F6 key and/or the “OK” key.
  3. Then it will take you back to the third screen. Press the “Escape Key” all the way back out and bench in machine. Should be ready to work.