The SITECH-Tejas Team thanks everyone who came out to Equipment Expo last week.

We had a great time talking with old and new friends.

Visitors were invited to operate a skid steer equipped with our high-precision Level Best grading attachment and see the RodRadar LDR Excavate bucket in action.

The LDR Excavate is the first-ever ground penetrating radar (GPR) integrated into the excavator’s digging bucket, detecting underground utilities in real-time and alerting the operator during excavation.

This breakthrough solution enhances the safety and efficacy of digging, construction, and earthworks operations, reducing the enormous costs and environmental impact associated with everyday accidental damage.

If you missed it, please call us at (877) 385-8032.

Take a look at what you missed at the SITECH-Tejas Field Day! October 4-5, 2022 in Buda, Texas

About 120 people attended over two days, seeing Trimble® technology in action and in the field at Capital Excavation in Buda, TX. Led by the SITECH-Tejas team and Trimble Application Specialists, customers had an opportunity to operate Earthworks™ equipped machines, test drive SPS infrastructure setups such as Rover/Base & Robotic Total Stations, and observe flying demonstrations of the Wingtra® fixed wing drone and DJI P4R PPK drone with drone data processing classes.