John Deere

  • Dozers and Motor Graders are available with Trimble Ready factory option
  • Many G-series excavators come with Grade Reference Ready (GRR) option. This option includes sensor mounting provisions.
  • See “Service Options” in the following website


  • Case calls their machine control ready system “Blade control ready”
  • All M series dozers are available with Trimble Blade control ready factory option
  • See this option under “Options” in the following website. This one is for the 2050M, but it is the same for the other M-series as well

  • Case C series motor graders in Europe are available with Trimble “Blade control option”.
  • See this option under “Optionen” in the following German website


  • See the following Bobcat article on “partnership between Bobcat Company and Trimble” to produce 3D grade control system

  • While not publically stated in any Bobcat information all laser products sold by Bobcat are manufactured by Trimble. Some are Trimble or Spectra, others are Bobcat Branded. Also the Bobcat Sonic/Slope blade control system was developed in collaboration with Trimble and uses Trimble branded rotation sensor, angle sensors and sonic tracer.
  • See following website for examples


  • Liebherr is strong Trimble supporter. Their midsized dozers are all available with Trimble Ready factory option


  • Vermeer is a big supporter of Trimble. Their TL1255 and TL1655 Terrain Levelers all come Trimble Ready from the factory, but nothing is mentioned on their website.

Level Best

  • Level Best offers Trimble (Apache brand is also available) laser control on their attachments


  • The HitchDoc blade uses Trimble laser controls. All blades are shipped with Trimble laser control