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    Customer Cancellation Policy

    In the event a student must cancel their class reservation, we kindly request a week notice. If proper notice is not given within one week, the student will be assessed a no-show fee of $500 (one-time charge, not per day). If the class is cancelled due to low enrollments or instructor illness, no fees are assessed.

    Where a special class is scheduled by SITECH and multiple students cancel, a $500 per person cancellation fee will be assessed.

    In the event you cannot attend class, you always have the option to send another qualified person in place of the person who cannot attend. Please notify our Training Dept. at about this replacement as soon as you are aware of the change.

    Shea Huckaby – Technical Trainer

    SITECH Tejas
    2615 North Forum Drive
    Grand Prarie, TX  75052

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